Start With Inner Fit

Are you new or returning to exercise? Inner Fit is here to help you get back into fitness. We offer coach led group fitness classes, a friendly fitness community, and fun fitness adventures when you’re ready to join in. Inner Fit believes that we can help you feel confident about working out and help you reach your personal fitness goals. 

We invite you to give Inner Fit a try. If you are returning to fitness but ready to jump right into our Fit Camp we invite you to try the one week free trial.

Print the schedule here … Inner Fit Online Schedule 2017 PDF Version 

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Fitness is Key to Healthy Aging

Life is more than a squat or a personal best. The people at Inner Fit want to live long healthy lives and have energy for many years to come. We teach you how to squat to enjoy activities like hiking, paddle boarding, or picking things up without getting hurt. We show you how awesome cycling classes are to improve your cardio so activities like playing with your kids or walking or running with friends is fun. We introduce you to the members so you can meet like minded people and make new friends.

“Fitness gives you the ability to do the things you love in life.” ~ Rachel Seay, Founder of Inner Fit

Levels of Fitness 

We believe fitness can be enjoyed by everyone in the same class, regardless of experience. You will see in each class when a coach shows an exercise, they will offer a level 1, 2, and 3 option. We all start somewhere and each person is unique in their fitness history.


Caring Coaches

Our coaches not only love what they do but they started as members at Inner Fit before they became Certified BCRPA Fitness Leaders. They know what it is like to walk into a new fitness studio and feel nervous about trying something new. Our coaches understand the emotional and physical burden extra weight can place on a person and that understanding in invaluable in the fitness industry.

A Studio Owner Who Loves Her Business

Rachel has poured her heart and soul into Inner Fit. She knew deep down inside that fitness needed to be welcoming and inviting for people to make it a regular part of their life. Her satisfaction comes from seeing her members try new things and experience that moment when they can do something they never thought they could. She has built an incredible fitness community and it shows when new people walk into the studio and the members make them feel welcome.


Each month we bring together our community and do something fun and active outside of the studio. Our adventures each month vary from snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking, spa retreats, trips to Mexico, paddle boarding, and Fun Runs like Foam Fest in Sun Peaks and Mudderella in Whistler. We do this because it is way more fun to try something new together and laugh at yourself doing it.

Weight Loss

With all the above stated, we still know people want to see results and while we don’t talk about it a lot, there is no shortage of results. We have hundreds of weight loss success stories in the past 10 years. From small weight loss goals to getting ready for a wedding to pre-baby weight to members losing over 180 lbs. Regardless of your goal, the more active you are and the cleaner you eat, the faster you will get to your goal. We are also happy to do a weigh in, photo and measurements if you like to track your progress.

One Week Free Trial

If you are ready to experience Inner Fit, we welcome you to download our app “Inner Fit Studios” or sign up online here. We offer a one week free trial. If you decide you enjoyed yourself and you would like to join we have several pricing options that our team can help you choose which works best for you. To set up a time to sign up email us at