Class Schedule

Are you new or returning to exercise? Inner Fit is here to help you get back into fitness. We offer coach led group fitness classes, a friendly fitness community, and fun fitness adventures. Inner Fit believes that we can help you feel confident about working out and help you reach your personal fitness goals. 

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Fitness Class Descriptions

All our classes are taught in levels so everyone gets a great workout. Inner Fit is a beginner friendly facility, so no matter where you are starting at with your fitness, we are here to help you and challenge you at your fitness level.

We offers over 124 classes per month with a variety of training methods to help our members create a well-rounded fitness program. reach weight loss goals, and promote longevity in your training.

All levels are welcome in any of our classes because we can offer LIT (low impact training) options for all our classes.


Classes …

Inner Fit Group Training – A total body cardio and strength workout using a variety of fitness equipment and formats to keep training fresh and your workouts fun.

Inner Fit LIT – A cardio and strength workout designed with only low impact options to keep your workouts fresh, fun, and enjoyable.

Inner Fit LIFT – A total body strength workout using a variety of equipment

Inner Fit Indoor Cycling – A low impact, high intensity workout on Star Trac Bikes geared to leave you sweaty and set to awesome music in a low lit spinning studio

Inner Fit HIIT Training – High Intensity Interval Training designed to burn fat and leave you feeling awesome

Inner Fit Step Aerobics – Kicking it old school with fun choreography and interval training step aerobic routines

Inner Fit Power & Hatha Yoga – A progression of yoga poses to release tension in the spine and muscles throughout the body. This is a 75-minute session. Kelly, our certified Yoga instructor will begin with a session of Power Yoga, progress you into Hatha Yoga, and finish with a restorative session. This combines the best of Yoga in one 75-minute session.

Types of fitness equipment we use – dumbbells, barbells, TRX, kettlebells, spinning bikes, kamagon bells, fitness balls, mats, tubes, bands, sandbags, ladders, foam rollers, Lebert buddy belts, gliders, sand bells, battle ropes, step benches, ViPR tubes, slam balls, plyometric balls, and so much more!

To join us and try out our 10 day FREE unlimited group fitness pass, simply download our app “Inner Fit Studios” and add the trial to your cart. If you have any questions, please do contact us at or call 6043151656.

Inner Fit is owned and operated by Rachel Seay, who has been a strength coach and Certified BCRPA Group Fitness leader and Fitness Presenter for 18 years. Inner Fit is celebrating 10 years in business in Richmond, BC. We are located at 3511 Viking Way, Unit # 11, Richmond, V6V1W1