Weight Watchers

Inner Fit has partnered with Weight Watchers Canada to host weekly meetings at weigh-ins at our facility. We believe nutrition is directly related to fitness and reaching your goals.

At Inner Fit, our energy goes into creating awesome workouts for our members and we decided to partner with a company who has the experience in nutrition and the tools in place along with 50 years of experience to help our community reach their goals.

Many of our members have combined the classes at Inner Fit with Weight Watchers and have smashed their goals and love their new figures, and you can too!

We believe health starts on the inside and works it’s way to the outside. When you eat better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you have more energy to exercise, which leads to weight loss and feeling awesome all the time!

We are starting with a 16 week program on September 10th at 10am. The first session is registration and the cost is $209 + tax for the 16 weeks. The first official meeting takes place September 17.

To take part in our Weight Watchers group, please send an email to info@innerfitstudios.com (limited space)