The Community

People come for the fitness classes and stay for the community. Inner Fit has grown into a community of people who support, welcome, and encourage one another on their fitness pursuits. We are all at different levels of fitness but that does not matter here. Some members have been with us for 11 years since we opened our doors and some are new just today who have never worked out a day in their life, but it doesn’t matter, because Inner Fit is the place to begin your fitness.

The community is a big part of our studio. We go on adventures, we travel together, we step outside our comfort zones and do new things together and sometimes we simply hangout after class and make friends. As adults, it’s not easy to make new friends but as soon as you walk through our doors, you make friend (and sometimes friends for life).

When you workout with people you naturally bond with one another and it is a pretty amazing community to take part in. We hope to meet you and introduce to all your new fitness friends!