Jody Latrace’s Story

A message from the Owner of Inner Fit Studios …

Jody has inspired many members at Inner Fit. She is caring, compassionate, empathetic, and understands what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body. She has worked incredibly hard, despite an incredibly painful back injury that she has battled for years, yet she never used it as an excuse once. When her back is bad we modify and she takes the rest when she needs it. Jody trains hard, has an open mind when it comes to learning about strength and conditioning and has given back to the community in so many ways. As her coach, I am proud of her accomplishment, as her friend – you go girl!

Success Story: Jody Latrace has lost 43 lbs and has transformed her body and here is how she did it …

Inner Fit is sharing what it takes to change one’s health so we asked 3 of our members who have transformed their health to share their experience. Our first member is Jody Latrace, a Police Officer with the VPD and over 2 year member at Inner Fit.

Jody Latrace SS1How much weight have you lost as of today? 43 pounds

Why did you decide you needed to make a change in your life?

-I saw a couple photos of myself and did not like what I saw. Then I was in Vegas and I didn’t like that I was uncomfortable wearing a dress because my legs rubbed together. I was having trouble walking up the stairs and I never felt that way before.

How do you feel today compared to how you felt at the start of your weight loss journey?

-Like a whole new person. I have way more energy and feel like I want to do something active everyday!

How long have you been a member at Inner Fit?

-Since October 2014

What role did Inner Fit play in your weight loss journey?

-As soon as I finished my first day of my 7 day trial I knew that I was going to sign up. The encouraging and supportive environment of Inner Fit has been a huge part of my weight loss journey. There is no judgment when you go to any class or try any adventure. The community is far beyond what anyone can imagine. You have to experience it to see what it is like!

What do you love about the classes at Inner Fit?

-That I don’t have to plan what I am going to do at the gym. You arrive and everything is planned out for you. The variety is great too. I love so many classes that I hate to miss any so it has become my second home!

What would you say to women who are afraid to lift weights?

-You don’t have to lift heavy weights to get results. You see really quick how doing weights changes your everyday activity. It is amazing how much easier it is to do even the simplest thing…like going up the stairs!

What changes did you make to your nutrition habits to help you lose the weight?

-I have been making and drinking juice since I started at Inner Fit. I decided to start juicing at the same time that I signed up for the gym. People at work were juicing and when I started Inner Fit lots of others were juicing too.

What helped you stay focused when you wanted to give up on your journey?

-The Inner Fit community. It is so supportive and I could feel changes in my body almost immediately. Even the smallest thing like those first few pounds!

What does your support system look like? What role have they played in your success?

-My family was super supportive at the beginning and they have helped to make time in our family time for me to spend as much time Inner Fit as I want. Rachel has been supportive since day 1. I remember emailing her about the week trial and she said she understood how tough it was to come back after injuries or even not being active for a long time!

What 3 pieces of advice do you have for someone who is wanting to lose weight but struggling?

1. Don’t get discouraged after one bad day whether it is fitness or nutrition. The next day is a blank slate and is ready for you to start over.

2. Don’t feel like you can’t talk about a bad day to the community or to just one person that you trust. Admitting a bad day and moving on is the toughest thing.

3. Always set goals and know that there will be plateaus and work through them.


Did you set out to reach a certain goal or did you set mini goals along the way?

-I had a main goal at the start but then soon decided that I was going to work at 10 pounds at a time. It was easier to reach the small goals and then you get excited about reaching it so the next goal isn’t as daunting.

What goals did you reach that filled your heart with joy and pride?

-Doing the grouse grind in under an hour. I never thought I would be able to do that.
-A second one was recently – completing my practicing hours for spin instructing. I was so nervous to teach my first class in front of Rachel but her support and approval was such a happy feeling!

What struggles do you still face on a daily basis?

-The cravings still come and go. I find the maintenance part is tough because you feel like you can try different foods but then you don’t want to go backwards.

Describe a week of fitness: Well…. I can be found at the gym on most days…

Sunday – spin, HIIT, core/restore
Monday – spin/core and Essentials
Tuesday – Hurricane, kettle bells and stretch class
Wednesday – Essentials
Thursday – usually a day off but sometimes a walk or run outside. I recently bought Kettlebells for home so I will do some swings or get ups.
Friday – spin, core, boxing
Saturday – spin and hurricane.

jody before 2
Jody before she began at Inner Fit

Describe a Day of Nutrition: it is just recently that my body reacts poorly to food that I know I shouldn’t have or at least not too much of it. Nutrition varies from day to day but here is a general idea …

Green filled protein smoothie for breakfast
Ginger apple shot (juice)
Chia seed pudding with protein and granola
Red juice (beets, carrots, Apple, ginger and sometimes strawberries)
Green juice
Snack of homemade trail mix or almonds
Spaghetti squash with butter and Parmesan cheese and a fish fillet

What fitness programs and diets had you tried in the past?

-Eating Salads and doing my own cardio. (Cardio like riding a bike or elliptical while reading- I didn’t push myself that hard though)

What didn’t work for you and why?

-Cravings are too tempting. No support group and like minded people to motivate me. I needed an environment that is welcoming,calming and one that can challenge you!

How has your energy changed since you started your fitness journey?

-So much more energy!

What part has the fitness classes played in your weight loss journey?

-Having a routine and one that is never the same. I have made a lot of friendships at the studio and I always look forward to catching up the community! Inner Fit has pushed me to crave fitness on a daily basis.

Was there a game changer moment for you?

-When I started logging my foods and seeing what I was actually eating calorie wise. The nutrition seminar a few months after I joined helped me to think about how I filled my body and how it could work more efficiently if I ate correctly.

What AH-HA moments have you had on your journey?

-So many! One definitely is learning about nutrition and how important it is in the journey.

-My personality is that once I decide I am going to do something I dive in head first so from the start my AH-HA moment was when I made the commitment that I was going to join. Stepping into the studio the first time I could tell that it was the place for me.

How has your confidence changed?

-Way more confident in every aspect of my life. My husband says that I walk more confidently as when I carried more weight I walked differently. I feel good wearing nice clothes and I am trying on clothes that I would never have when I first started.

What have you learned about yourself?

• That change is good
• If I put myself out there I can accomplish whatever I want
• I love feeling strong and healthy so I will continue to maintain this routine for as long as I can
• That I can learn something from each and every person at the studio
• A huge part of my journey has been making friendships that will last forever. I like to help others and by helping at the gym it pushes me to do better as well

Have you participated in any of the Inner Fit Adventures? Did any of them have
special meaning to you?

• I absolutely loved paddle boarding. Never thought it would be something that I would love as much as I do. Can’t wait for this year.
• Grouse grind – going with one of the trainers by myself and to get pushed way past my comfort zone… It was my fastest time, I was exhausted but I felt awesome! That’s where the ‘You got this’ came from in my journey.
• Snowshoeing – loved it – great being out in the beautiful snow and with a great group of people!
• Mudderella- I was one of the ‘organizers’ for this one and from the beginning I wanted everyone to feel welcome. I wanted to make sure that we all started together and finished together – and we did. It was one of the toughest things to do because of the weather and the terrain but we all managed to get it done. I can’t explain how proud I was to be part of such a wonderful group of 28 women who came together to conquer this event.

Kristina Jody SSG

What fears did you conquer?

• Two fears come to mind. When I first thought about joining, I knew I wasn’t in great shape so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I actually pushed myself so hard that I vomited the first class (looking back it could have been nerves). But I never gave again!
• The second would be modifying my eating habits so that they were healthier.

Have you reached your big goal?

-Yes and I have maintained it for a year now. It is now common place and I love my new routine!

What goals do you have for the future?

-To continue to keep where I am now and if I do need back surgery I hope to bounce back in no time! I suffer from chronic back pain that has not improved that much but it hasn’t gotten worse so I am happy for that. People often ask if the classes hurt my back but there are always modifications that can be done. I also know that my back hurt before when I didn’t do much of anything and it doesn’t necessarily hurt anymore so why not feel stronger too!

-My big goal is to become a coach and I will be working toward that in the coming months!

What are you doing to keep the weight off?

-Routine, routine, routine! Eating healthy everyday and being active. I go to as many classes as I can and if I can’t make it one day I try to do something at home.

Any favorite quotes that you have discovered along the way that inspired you?

“You Got This!”

Has there been a ripple effect with the people in your life seeing your transformation?

-My friends often ask what I am doing to lose weight. A few friends have been reluctant to try thinking that it would be too hard for them but they don’t realize that everyone is at their own level and we are all working towards the same goal – to be healthier in our everyday lives. It doesn’t matter if you have never lifted a weight, haven’t lifted one in years or if you lift weights regularly, this is the place to try if you want to lead a healthier life!

-I have taken the approach to ask my friends to try it but after a couple times let them know that when they are ready to try to let me know. One friend contacted me and said she was ready – speaking with her recently she is glad she joined. Just coming out to see what it is like, watch a class or try one you will soon realize that there are all kinds of levels but we all work together – totally inspiring concept!

Any last thoughts you can share …

-I can’t say enough about Inner Fit and am glad that I fell in love with fitness again! Thanks Rachel for the community that you have built! Like the field of dreams – if you build it they will come! So come try it – you just may get addicted!

PHOTO Credit Jeremy J Saunders Photography