Welcome to our Rates Page

Our rates will allow you to decide which plan is best suited for your goals and the commitment level of your goal. We suggestion booking a fitness goals consultation with Rachel and she will help you choose what is best for you and your schedule. You can always change your plan each month if you plan to attend more classes.

*We do not lock our members into contracts. Our members stay for years because the see and feel the results of Inner Fit. There is also no initiation fees associated with our memberships.* If you need to change your plan, simply email us and we will help you out.

Our monthly rates are set up under “Group Fitness” on the app or a team member is happy to set you up on the plan. You can change your plan at anytime with 15 days notice via email.

*Please note, the classes expire at the end of 4 weeks (billing cycle) It is the member’s responsibility for getting their number of sessions in each month before the number resets on the payment date*

Purchases can be made on our App “Inner Fit Studios” or online here. or in the studio with a team member.

10 Day Unlimited Class Pass – Complimentary to New Members

We invite you to try out the studio with our complimentary 10 day trial pass. The pass start on your first day at Inner Fit and will run continuously for 10 days. Click here to start your 10 day free trial. 

All current pricing can all be seen on our app “Inner Fit Studios” in your mobile app store along with our 10-day Free Trial or with a team member at Inner Fit Studios.