Our COVID 19 Response

Committed to creating a facility you feel safe to stay active in.

COVID took us all by surprise. What we thought would be a 2 week shut down, turned into several months.

When COVID first began, our commitment to our members was and is our priority. Our coaches quickly jumped into action and created an online fitness platform and lent our our fitness equipment free of charge. We know as coaches, a person’s mental health is as important as their physical fitness in times of stress. We also know fitness can help a person feel better, reduce anxiety and stress, and boost the immune system.

For the months of March, April, and May, Inner Fit was running online classes until the province gave us the go ahead to open. On June 1st, with the help of our Safety Officer from WorkSafe BC, we created a plan to open safely and have continued to run classes both in-studio and online in a safe manner. Opening with procedures in place allows our members to stay active and connected with their community.

Inner Fit Studios was recently featured in the Worksafe BC commercial running daily on Global News. We were chosen because we are doing our part to keep you safe.

Our Procedures:

  • Members wait at the front until the doors open and the coaches welcome them in.
  • Members then socially distance and either wash their hands upon entrance or hand sanitize.
  • Members then enter the studio, filling the class from the back to the front, giving time and space to allow each person to take their equipment or set up their bikes.
  • Once a member has their station ready, they do a wipe down before and after use.
  • During class we encourage smiles, air-fives, and conversation all while maintaining physical distance.
  • After class has concluded, members wipe down all their equipment and exit out the back door.
  • We have also allotted time between classes to do a second wipe down and mop the floors around bikes and stations.
  • Our members are invited to wear masks at any point before, during, or after class. It’s important for people to do what feels comfortable to them.

COVID is our current reality and that means we have to find a way to stay healthy and active and navigate through this. We have put policies and procedures in place that we stand behind. We are not taking any chances with your health or the health of our coaches, and that is why we are committed to helping you navigate through these times in an active way. We invite you to join in and follow our COVID plan so we can all stay active for our emotional and physical health.

“I’ve been going to Inner-Fit for 6 years. Inner-Fit is more than just a gym or fitness classes – it’s a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable and surrounded by friends while working out. The workouts are challenging but fun, and can always be modified for any fitness level. I never really worked out before joining Inner-Fit, but now it is a regular and enjoyable part of my life.” 

Karen Barber, Joined in 2010

Let’s discover fitness together.