Karen M

What do we love most about Karen M? Where do we even begin? We would have to start with her contagious laughter and her zest for having fun in life. Karen has given back to the Inner Fit charities over and over again through fundraising, participating in events, garage sales and pub night fundraiser. She is always there to generously donate her time and makes new members feel welcome at the studio.

“As the owner of Inner Fit, I have so many memories of Karen from surviving the torrential rainfalls at the Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay, to treating ourselves to a weekend at Sparkling Hill for a retreat getaway, to weekend adventures with Mudderella and Foam Fest, just so many great memories! She is also the most amazing cleaner lol! And I can’t count how many times we have just laughed our butts off in class. Karen is one of those people you just want to be around!” Rachel Seay

We love having Karen at Inner Fit and as part of our member’s series, we asked Karen some questions in hope of helping people think about joining Inner Fit and what she has thought about her 8 years with us. Here is what she had to say …

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What is your name?


What first brought you to Inner Fit?


How long have you been a member?

8 years

Why do you choose to still be a member at Inner Fit?

Love the workouts, the people, the community and the laughter

What have you noticed on the inside and out in terms of your health, fitness, and emotional wellness?

A workout for me takes away my stress and makes me feel rejuvenated. I am at innerfit for mental wellness and emotional comes along with it

How do you feel about the Inner Fit community and what part have they played in your health and wellness?

I love the feeling of being fit emotionally, physically and mentally while making good friends and supporting the local community

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Inner Fit?

Do it

What community adventure or charity events has been memorable to you and why?

Muderella, foam fest and Easter seals. The first two for challenging our physical and mental selves. Easter seals for supporting kids and the community

What is your favourite class and why?

Regular for camp as it’s my go to and I try not to miss. Lift and hitt as my extra fun classes

How do you feel about the coaches at Inner Fit? What part have they played in your fitness and health?

I love them all for being real, honest, funny and caring not to mention sarcastic as hell

What makes Inner Fit different than other gyms or studios you have participated in the past?

Caring supportive community with a fearless loving leader

Can you share an Inner Fit memory or story that will always stand out for you?

Too many to mention

Where do you think you would be today if you had not joined Inner Fit when you did?

Stressed out and nowhere near as healthy and fit

What do you enjoy the most about Inner Fit?

The variety of workouts and the amazing people

What have you accomplished that you are proud of by dedicating yourself to being healthier and fit?

I’m a healthier and happier person with new friends and a new community that gives back to the community in a charitable way