The Community

“I’ve worked out at so MANY gyms over the years but Innerfit is by far my favorite gym ever!! This is a unique place to get fit. The main classes are marketed as “weight loss” boot camp but there are all shapes, sizes and ages of members gathering together here with a variety of different goals. Rachel has built a supportive and fun community along with classes that are as challenging as you need them to be. It’s just a really great place! If you are debating giving IF a try, just go for it, you will feel welcome and not alone if you are nervous about joining a gym. If you are already a fitness regular are worried these classes will be too easy… come on by and get you butt kicked. Everyone here is kind, supportive and fun.” Susan Enslen, Joined 2014

There are so many gyms that say they are a community, but no one can compare to what we have going on here. Inner Fit is a true community in ever essence of the word. The people here welcome you from the moment you walk in the doors and friendships blossom every day.

Inner Fit is more than a gym, it is a lifelong community of fitness, adventures, and fun. Not only do we workout, but we get outside and introduce our members to fun activities they never thought they would enjoy. We even go on big vacations together because we really do love hanging out and there are no “cliques” here, everyone is part of this studio.

We invite you to be part of the community and we know it takes courage to try something new but we hope you do give us a try with your 10 day free trial.