Group Fitness Classes

Reach your fitness and weight loss goals with group fitness classes. We have a variety of classes to choose from and teach with options from beginner to advanced.

RIDE – Indoor Cycling

A popular class at Inner Fit Studios and one of Indoor Cycling provides a sweaty and fulfilling workout without the impact. Ride through a variety of intervals with lots of classes to choose from. Set to fun up-beat music that makes the time fly by. If you are new, we will get you set up.

We ride on Schwinn bikes with power metres. Regular runnings shoes work or cycling shoes with SPD clip-ins will fit our bikes.

Step Aerobics

A popular class at Inner Fit Studios and one of the few studios who still offer this fun filled cardio workout set to 32-count up-beat music. No experience needed, we will break down the moves for you.

We offer 2 step classes each week, but they fill up fast! Our instructors Rachel and Joanne both have over 20 years of teaching Step Aerobics experience.


Sweat is the combo class our members love. We combine cardio and strength to boost the fat burning benefits and leave you sweaty and loving the workout!

With covid, we provide the same great workout at your own stations.

We offer a variety of times to choose from. All levels welcome!

Mobility Express

This class is designed to give you a short burst of mobility training to stretch out muscles to improve mobility, improve performance, and decrease pain. Kelly will lead you through a delightful class. Your future self will thank you!

All levels welcome! Tuesdays at 630pm


In the Renegade Workout, you being with strength intervals and hi or low intensity cardio is inserted as the workout progresses. This workout will leave you feeling awesome, strong, and sweaty.

All levels welcome! Sundays online and in-studio 830am-930am.


Lift helps our members build lean muscle mass without the bulk. We train with purpose and make sure our clients have correct form and using the proper weight. Lift in combo with our cardio classes will lead to significant results with consistent effort.

All levels welcome! We offer a variety of classes to choose from.

“My first impressions of Inner Fit when I walked into the studio 13 years ago was a non intimidating and supportive environment. After my first boot camp session not only was Rachel (owner & coach) cheering the members for a job well done, everyone was taking the time to recognize & encourage each other. The welcoming energy of the studio along with the support, guidance & encouragement of the coaches and other members makes Inner Fit a fitness haven. I highly recommend it!” 

Jeremy Saunders, Joined in 2007

“Went for the free trial week and signed up immediately! Have tried other ‘get-fit’ services but Inner Fit TOPS them all. Rachel and her team are the most brilliant coaches – they all give 110% each and every time! There is a terrific variety of classes and the schedule goes from early morning to evening seven days a week. It is like having a personal trainer in every class whether it is the instructor or one of the awesome participants – I have never had so much fun getting fit!” 

Shilpa Sharma, Joined in 2015