Fitness Class Schedule

At Inner Fit, we offer a variety of group training classes each week. Our signature program is the Weight Loss Fit Camps, which combines strength training and cardio using different formats each week so you never get bored of your workouts. This the perfect solution for staying fit with busy schedules and are designed to burn fat and build lean muscles for a body you will love!

All classes are beginner friendly. We also offer indoor cycling classes, lift classes, hiit classes and more! Booking classes is simple with our mobile app. Download our app “Inner Fit Studios” or sign up online here to book classes today.

One Week Free Trial

If you are ready to experience Inner Fit, we welcome you to download our app “Inner Fit Studios” or sign up online here. We offer a one week free trial. If you decide you enjoyed yourself and you would like to join we have several pricing options that our team can help you choose which works best for you. To set up a time to sign up email us at

Pricing Options 

We offer a 10 class pass, monthly unlimited classes, or one year terms (best rate). You can choose what is best for you. You can purchase our 10 class passes and individual drop ins through our app, however, the monthly unlimited option must be set up with a team member.

To purchase one of our options, contact us at Setting up your membership only takes a moment.