What do we love about Denise? She is one of those members who inspires all of us to push hard, sweat, and never let your age get in your way to achieving what is possible!

Denise has been with Inner Fit since the beginning and is a pillar of strength at the studio. We all watch her in amazement on a spinning bike because the speed at which she can ride in complete control blows all of us away! Denise has completed many Grand Fondo and road race events and crushed her last one coming in second (by 7 seconds). For those that don’t know, the Grand Fondo is a 160 km road racing event.

Denise is also a role model because she lost over 100 lbs and after 10 years has kept it off through eating healthy and making fitness a everyday part of her life. It is possible to lose the weight and keep it off when you do the work! #sweatlikedenise -that’s right, she has her own hashtag 🙂

 We wanted to learn about Denise’s experience as a member over the past few years, so we asked her a series of questions to help new people learn about Inner Fit and here is what she had to say about the Inner Fit Community.

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What is your name?

Denise Trott

What first brought you to Inner Fit?

I had lost a significant amount of weight 10 years ago and was looking for a way to strengthen myself. I was gym shy and a an acquaintance told me about a friendly place.

How long have you been a member?

About 10 years.

Why do you choose to still be a member at Inner Fit?

I still look forward to my workouts. I continue to enjoy the variety of workouts, the changing schedule, friendly members and knowledgeable coaches.

What have you noticed on the inside and out in terms of your health, fitness, and emotional wellness?

Well, I am definitely stronger and overall fitter and healthier. Meaning both physically and mentally. I am much more confident and less afraid to participate in group fitness and outside events. I go out of my way to fit in activity every day and generally my lifestyle is different. The spinoff effects of the physical program which Innerfit provides are multifaceted. I truly have a love for moving, feel good about myself and love the challenges.

How do you feel about the Inner Fit community and what part have they played in your health and wellness?

The community is friendly, supportive and encouraging. There seems to be a totally non judgemental environment. Also, everyone is welcome here!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Inner Fit?

I would say that there is total acceptance of every level of fitness and a class for everyone! No need to feel intimidated here.

What community adventure or charity events has been memorable to you and why?

The Santa Shuffle was fun! Lots of laughs and it was so cold! The Workout to Conquer Cancer was amazing in many ways. This community cares! The amount of money raised was “epic”. (The most of any team!)

What is your favourite class and why?

I think I would have to say Lift or strength related classes because I would not likely know how to approach those exercises myself! I do like the cardio though! Actually, anything that makes me sore and sweaty!

How do you feel about the coaches at Inner Fit? What part have they played in your fitness and health?

The coaches are amazing! Knowledgeable and encouraging, supportive and very reliable. They genuinely care about me!

What makes Inner Fit different than other gyms or studios you have participated in the past?

It is a place of belonging without being “sucky” about it. The fact that any level of fitness can be taught effectively to a group is special. Anyone can have a great workout and anyone can improve their level of fitness and health here!

Can you share an Inner Fit memory or story that will always stand out for you?

Hmmmm, I have a hard time with this question. I was especially proud of my “Biggest Loser” winnings. But the day at the oval, participating in a group effort to bring awareness and raise money collectively was pretty special!

Where do you think you would be today if you had not joined Inner Fit when you did?

I’D like to think that I could maintain my weight loss and improve my strength on my own, but the truth is the accountability to the coaches and members of Innerfit keeps me motivated. It is a well known fact that weight loss over the long haul is not easy but with the support of this community and the focus on overall wellness I feel inspired, successful, and supported. I am not sure I could say that if I was not a member of Innerfit!

What do you enjoy the most about Inner Fit?

I think I would say the predictability of acceptance from coaches and members. Of course the variety and number of classes helps!

What have you accomplished that you are proud of by dedicating yourself to being healthier and fit?

I have discovered that “love for fitness” again! I was fit and active as a younger person but life got in the way for a time. I have also realized there is no guilt necessary for taking care of me! Specifically, I have had the courage to enter a few major bike events due to the encouragement of Innerfit.