The Community – Making Friends Has Never Been Easier!

“You will join for the fitness but stay for the community” – Coach Tania Sibley

One of the best parts of being at Inner Fit is how easy it is to make new friends with in a day and age where it can seem almost impossible to create face to face connections. Everyone who walks through our doors is greeted with a smile and introduced to our members. It’s like Cheers where everybody knows your name.

It has been incredible to watch the friendship blossom at Inner Fit from coffee dates to showing up for each other when tragedy has struck. The people at Inner Fit are some of the kindest and most warm hearted people you will ever meet.

The community of Inner Fit is made up of 160 + women and men of all ages and fitness levels.  Together we sweat, lift weights, participate in adventures together, laugh (a lot), travel together, and raise money for local charities. We support each other and there is something for everyone here.

By joining Inner Fit know you are not just “joining a gym”, you are becoming part of a community that will feel like home to you in a short period of time. We will get to know you and support you as you rock your goals and get stronger and healthier. Weight loss comes with roadblocks and frustrating moments, but here at Inner Fit, the coaches and the community help you get through the tough times.

On a side note – while losing weight is awesome, we believe it is the byproduct of exercising to feel better. Exercise over here is about feeling happy and energized, we just happen to lose weight along the way too!


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