Welcoming Fitness Community

“I stumbled upon Inner Fit Studios two years ago via Google search to find a studio that runs fun yet challenging workouts. Though I was somewhat skeptical of all the 5-star reviews on Google, I decided to give it a try anyway. To get started, all you need is download their app and pick classes that suit your schedule (free for the first 10 days!). The owner absolutely does not pressure you into continuing with them past that.

This is the first studio I have come by in the Lower Mainland where you have people of all ages and fitness levels actively working out together. It is not a place where people sneakily check each other out during workouts and feel better/worse about themselves. Inner Fit Studios has built a highly positive and encouraging active community where people are simply aiming for a healthy lifestyle. You can engage with the members as much or as little as you like (go on fun adventures together outside of class, travel, etc).

To this day, friends (who normally absolutely hate workouts / spin classes) that I have lured to this studio for a trial have remained and have wholeheartedly enjoyed the positive environment/community at IFS. Yes, complaints and grunts pre/during/post workouts are absolutely allowed 🙂 I don’t recall a class without hearing big belly laughs ….and seeing sweaty heads… :p” Tina (member since 2017)