Coach Tania

Tania Sibley, BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer

Sarah and Tania

My name is Tania Sibley, I am a working mother of two beautiful children, three if you include my husband lol! I started off as a participant of bootcamps at Inner Fit Studios in 2009 and now I can say I’m lucky enough to be given the opportunity to teach spinning classes at Inner Fit Studios.  I would like to think my classes are fun, we can have a laugh but I can also leave you in a pool of your own sweat!

Tania and Breanna training for their big ride!

My journey into the fitness industry began with my own health issues.  I was overweight my whole life and understand the struggles that go along with weight loss physically and emotionally. My weight didn’t come off overnight and it didn’t come off without a lot of hard work  and dedication, but that dedication paid off and I have lost 90lbs.  Weight loss is a never ending journey and it’s a journey I want to share with others and hope that I can help inspire.

Tania with Karen after winning the Biggest Loser Contest. Tania helped Karen destroy her 40 lbs goal!

I have always been interested in group fitness but I let my weight and my fear of public speaking hold me back.  I was lucky to have Rachel Seay to take me under her wing, show me the ropes and I took the courage and stepped out of my comfort zone and it was the best thing I could have done, I have found my calling and I get to do what I love which is to teach!

My goal is to help motivate and encourage others to reach their goals whether it be fitness, weight loss or overall health.  The fitness and nutrition industry is my passion I am always learning and love sharing my knowledge

Certifications: BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, BCRPA Weight Training, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, First Aid and CPR Certified.