Coach Rachel

83565598_2908215299201478_6866000758802743296_nRachel Seay, Founder of Inner Fit Studios, BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader since 1999, Educator for the BCRPA, Diploma in Exercise Science, K-Taping Pro Therapist, UBC Kinesiology

My fitness career began in 1999 as a Spinning and Step Aerobics Instructor for the BCRPA. In 2001 I wanted to increase my knowledge of exercise science and enrolled in the Human Performance Program at Langara College and soon after transferred to the University of British Columbia to study Human Kinetics. In 2004, I started presenting in the Fitness industry and conducting BCRPA Courses and since then have certified over 1000 fitness professionals in Indoor Cycling in BC and across Canada. A few years later I took a leap of faith and opened the doors of Inner Fit Studios. Ten years later, Inner Fit Studios is growing strong and will be adding more locations in 2018.

Rachel, Sarah, Hamish and Breanna

Fitness has been part of my life since my first group aerobics class in the early 90’s. I used to pack my fitness gear in grade 8 and walk over to the South Arm Community Centre for the 5pm Step Class every night after school. I knew then I wanted to teach fitness.

After high school I began teaching at all the local community centres in Richmond and Vancouver.

In 2007, I opened the doors of Inner Fit with one purpose – to help people discover a surprising love for fitness.

Since a child, I have struggled with weight issues. I was not born with the “skinny” genes, my sister got those. Now some people see extra weight as a bad thing, something to be embarrassed about, but I have always view it as a gift. If I had never been overweight, Inner Fit would not exist. It was in my pursuit of losing weight that I fell in love with fitness and running. It also helped me learn how to lift weights properly and allowed me to teach others how to lift.

Dealing with my own personal weight issues has allowed me an understanding few coaches have. I know what it feels like to be 150lbs overweight and depressed and I know how incredible it feels to see the weight slowly come off and feel the confidence it has given me.

Aaron, Rachel, Jody and Shilpa

What makes me real is I know what it is like to be over weight and at my goal weight (even though I didn’t appreciate it then). I know the embarrassment when you have to ask for a seat belt extension on the airplane or when you see yourself in “that” picture.

With that said, weight has never stopped me from accomplishing my life dream of building a fitness studio I adore or being active and fit. I have completed enough marathons to say I have done it, climbed the grouse grind more than 100 times, and have enough 10km t-shirts to fill a barn. I am strong and love to lift and I could sit here and tell you about how I could bench press a specific load with all that personal best crap but seriously, who cares? All that matters is that if I needed to flip a car because a child was trapped underneath it, chances are I could. My motto is train because it makes you feel good and eat well so you can enjoy life; that is what matters most.

If I am not teaching fitness or running my business, I am either out on my paddle board, ripping it up on my quad, playing with my super adorable nieces and nephews, hanging out with my members (yes we are all friends, it’s not just photos on Instagram and Facebook) or outside playing!

Rachel and her awesome kids!

But in all seriousness, I am serving my life’s purpose right here at Inner Fit and that purpose is helping people discover what they are truly capable of with a little fitness in their life.

Nothing beats that moment when a member comes to me and says “Thank You for believing in me” or when I see that look on their face when they made it up the Grouse Grind kicking, swearing, and screaming at me (you know who you are). That is why I have a giant box of tissues in my office because I cry like a baby when I experience those moments.

So LOL, ROFL, LYAO and watch a Keanu Reeve’s Flick (or whoever floats your boat) because life is good (even though it throws you a sucky curveball from time to time).

Rachel and her awesome mom Rae, aka “Mama Seay”

With fitness and reaching goals, sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and give it a whirl, even if it scares you. If you are reading this, chances are you want to learn about Inner Fit, so why not just call me and stop by ? 604 276 1116 or email rachel @ and let’s get you to that moment that makes all the swearing at me worth it.

Certifications: BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, ACE Personal Trainer, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, K-Taping Pro Therapist, Pre/Post Natal Certified, Weight Management Certified, Kettle Bell Instructor, DVRT Instructor, First Aid and CPR Certified, 4 Years at UBC in the Exercise Science Program, Human Performance (Exercise Science) Diploma from Langara.