Coach Breanna

Breanna Graham, BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader and ICC Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Have you ever wondered how to start?! Getting the courage just to walk in the door is scary but you are so worth it!!! Believe me!

It’s October 2014 and I am in New York with my husband for my 40th birthday, had an amazing trip but felt really uncomfortable because I felt and looked terrible and my clothes felt really tight. It was even worse when I looked at the pictures. I was at my heaviest and knew I needed to do something but didn’t know where to start. I don’t know about you but the gym environment intimidated me with it’s perfect looking people and perfect looking trainers. I held a gym membership at a well known company for 4 years and maybe went once a year. What the hell did I know about what muscle groups to workout and when?  UGG, money down the toilet, but I told myself I would go, but never did.  I had so much support from my husband and family but knew I needed something else but didn’t know what.

Breanna and her son Matty at the 5km Foam Fest in 2016 with Team Inner Fit

December 2014, I am scrolling through Facebook and see an ad for Inner Fit. To this day I don’t know why I clicked on the ad but knew I needed to check it out (as corny as that sounds). It looked different than the usual gym so I checked out the website, looked through the coaches profiles and realized I had found my people. These were normal people, with normal looking bodies who had similar stories to mine and all I know is I needed to check it out.

I was so nervous walking through the door but everyone was so warm and welcoming! My first class was with Rachel (owner and coach extraordinaire) and let me tell you, she is amazing and has created a comfortable, fun, challenging kick ass experience and community that you will never forget and never want to leave.

Two years later, I have so much to be grateful for. A healthier, body, life and attitude, an abundance of new friendships and a community of people who care, check in on me and call me on my BS. What is even more amazing is how I am now a fitness instructor at Inner Fit. (truly never saw that coming, but Rachel did).

Tania and Breanna training for the Fondo!

In hindsight, I now know that I needed a community of people who understood what I was going through. Who looked like me, normal people who made excuses about having no time but we all know better. A community of people who cared and made me feel like I belonged, like I could do it, who would encourage me to keep going even when the thought of it was overwhelming. Who, to this day, inspire me every day to care about myself and know that I am worth it and it’s important to focus on yourself. For you, your family, your long-term health and happiness.

I will share with you that Tania’s story was the one I connected to (but don’t tell her that…lol) now we are training to do a 126KM bike ride together. I am so excited to finally feel good!

So, how do you just start when you’re scared and not really ready to start but you need to? You just do! Simply walk through the doors or call Rachel 6043151656 or email, she wants to help you get started.

Please do yourself a favour and just come say hello, I look forward to meeting you and having you in my classes!

Breanna 🙂