Cheryl Patterson:

I have been going to Weight Loss Boot Camp for 3 years now. This is the longest I have stuck with any workout plan, and I attribute that to the way Rachel runs her business. Not only does she structure her workouts in levels, so that they are challenging for every fitness level, but she succeeds in making it enjoyable. After all – if you dread the workouts, how likely are you to return? She – and her team of awesome instructors! – go over and above to help each student become their own success story, from being available to give advice outside of ‘office’ hours, to coordinating fitness ‘outings’, to holding nutritional seminars to ensure a complete, well-rounded approach to health. Even when she works you so hard you think you might die, she’ll help you find the strength to finish, leaving you with a sense of personal accomplishment. You can choose to measure your progress by weight, inches, or both. Or neither. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to simply get fit, there is a place here for everyone. Keep up the good work, Rachel. 🙂 The industry needs more people who care as much as you do.

Karen Barber:

I’ve been going to Inner-Fit for 3.5 years. Inner-Fit is more than just a gym or fitness classes – it’s a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable and surrounded by friends while working out. The workouts are challenging but fun, and can always be modified for any fitness level. I never really worked out before joining Inner-Fit, but now it is a regular and enjoyable part of my life.

William Mah:

I have been going to Innerfit since 2009 and it’s been the most consistent workout regimen ever. Great atmosphere, very welcoming to new members and individuals who want to get back into shape. Highly recommended, Rachel spends a lot of time making sure the sessions have variety and fun.

Leona White:

I find inner-fit to be the perfect antidote to the cookie-cutter, production line of a typical gym. The owner/trainer Rachel as well as the rest of her team take the time to get to know all their clients, to encourage, offer advice and a wraparound program that includes nutritional seminars, outdoor adventures and social evenings. The boot camp classes are small, allowing the instructors to give everyone personalized attention, including a lot of attention to form. They’re not afraid to challenge you on those days you might be inclined to coast. A great experience all around.

Petra Blackmore:

Inner-Fit Studios is an outstanding fitness experience that I’ve enjoyed for over 3 years: Personable, caring, fun, well-trained, instructors (including Rachel Peristy-Seay, the owner/operator/instructor who puts her heart into Inner-Fit and the clients she works with – and it positively shows in her client-base and instructors). Challenging, technique-focused (you get a better work out and your personal health & wellness is kept in mind), variety-filled, well-scheduled classes (offered at fair prices). Super convenient on-line, interactive Volo system that lets you sign up for, cancel, and sub into classes. Clean and spacious new facilities with plenty of free parking. Whether you are complementing another sport (i.e. running), or looking to set and achieve your health & wellness goals for the first time (or the tenth time), I highly recommend Inner-Fit Studios!

Anne Melnyk:

Inner Fit delivers on its promise to help you discover a surprising love for fitness! The instructors, trainers, and programs are top notch, and the supportive community atmosphere helps to inspire you to stay on track with your fitness and weight loss goals even when it seems like a long road. It’s one of those rare places worth joining, even if you have to drive out of your way!

Kirsty Hogg:

Perfect place to begin your journey in getting FIT. Rachel’s programs are effective and fun!