Success Stories

Success stories are more than just weight loss. They are about the physical and emotional transformations that have taken place at Inner Fit Studios. Fitness can transform a person’s life because as they body changes, it becomes capable of doing so much more, which instills confidence in a person. What a person used to be afraid of trying, becomes part of their daily routine. We love to see not just numbers on a scale, but stories of fears being conquered along the way.
“The largest growth for me is the area of FREEDOM, I feel that I have reached a place where I can be at peace to live and pursue whatever I chose.” Susan Kemp
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Tania Sibely: I came across Inner Fit Studios on the internet, reading Rachel’s story (owner) I felt as though I was reading about myself I knew I had to meet her.
Not only is this a place to workout and get your sweat on (and boy do you sweat) it’s a place of comfort and security, Non judgmental support and Friendship. Everyone(instructors and clients included) is like an extended family and really care for each other. The workouts are fun and challenging but more importantly each individual is treated as such.. Of course there is more to Inner Fit Studios then working out we have movie days, potlucks, fundraisers for easter seals, wellness retreats, snowshoeing trips and next up paddle boarding!
I started off as a client who was overweight, with low self esteem issues, and generally unhappy. I struggled for direction and motivation. Rachel saw something more and knew how to get the best out of me. Her support combined with hard work and lots of laughter on the way have changed my life. I have more confidence I am a happier and I have reached a personal goal of becoming a fitness instructor teaching at Innerfit.
 I will never forget the struggle with my weight or the inner issues behind it hidden in the shadows. But now I have my support system behind me, a new confidence I once lacked and a determination to move forward into a brighter future.

How Jocelyn Lost 180 lbs!

“After being overweight since childhood, spending what felt like a lifetime dieting and still finding myself at the heaviest weight I had ever been, this time I knew I had to do something different. When I was ready for it, at the suggestion of my cousin I decided to try a class at Inner FitStudios- one of the best decisions I have made on this journey to better overall health!I had NEVER been much for exercise, in fact I hated it, but since joining Inner Fit my lifestyle has become quite active, and I am definitely reaping the benefits.

Inner Fit is an awesome community of people who are committed to health and fitness, so in addition to getting a good workout you get to meet a bunch of great people who will support you every step of the way. 

I felt so welcome and comfortable at my first few classes and really appreciated the trainers approaching my fitness level with a “start where you are” attitude. I have since shrunk in size, but have grown in so many ways and achieved a multitude of fitness goals, some I never thought possible! 

For me, Inner Fit has simplified the dreaded task of dare I say it…. “losing weight” – show up, do the work, get involved, HAVE FUN and you will see results. 

With the support of Inner Fit, the owner Rachel Seay, the trainers and the members I have undergone a pretty big transformation inside and out and am very grateful I came across this little gem.”

“Sometimes all you need is just for somebody to believe in you in order to be able to accomplish maybe what you never thought you could.” ~ Drew Brees

Jocelyn Danielle is our New Member Team Leader! She is the first person you meet when you ask to see the studio or set up our 1 Week Free Trial Pass. Feel free to ask her about the journey of her transformation. You can email Jocelyn at info @


Tara’s Weight Loss Experience…

Tara and I met years ago when we worked together at Fitness Unlimited. Our paths crossed again a few years ago at the Jingle Bell Run and ever since then I have watched her amazing transformation that was not just about weight loss, it was about finding joy in activity. Tara truly transformed her life all while learning how to manage her son’s type diabetes diagnosis. She truly found bliss in her adventures and fitness. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful to be a part of her journey. Tara also runs a wonderful daycare called kidz on 6 and you can visit her website here.

Tara lost 35lbs in one year. She said this experience was different because she discovered what her “why” was and it was, “I was sick of being TIRED all the time!”
Tara said that the chances that lead to her success were, “I reduced my job down to 40 hours per week and decided to join Innerfit-Rachel is the BEST! The very first lesson for me was to commit to working out 2 days a week and to journal my food.  I felt I ate healthy, but after journaling I discovered I was addicted to sugar and carbs!  From there I met Rav another soccer mom who was getting healthy too and we made each other accountability partners!!!  I have completed many 30 day challenges, made amazing friends at Innerfit, completed the 365 Challenge, hike the Grouse Grind Every week (no excuses), but the biggest change is “I HAVE A PLAN” I plan my meals and workouts ahead of time to ensure I have success!”
You can read more about Tara’s Story here from an interview we did with her to help others reach their goals.

Michelle’s Weight Loss Experience..

“If it wasn’t for my cousin’s friend I would never havemetRachelSeay at Inner Fit Studios and would still be sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips!  I am one of those people who have tried every diet, belonged to every gym but nothing has motivated me the way Rachel has.  She has been there every step of the way, supporting, holding me accountable, pushing me to places I never thought I would go and most importantly she is always available whenever I needed to ask a question or 10.  I have since lost 47.4lbs and will continue until I reach my goal.  I would recommend Rachel and Inner Fit Studios to anyone who is sick and tired of being overweight, like I was.  I have told everyone I know about Inner Fit Studios and have had 6 friendsjointheirbootcamp sessions.

1471986_10152004612139724_118088838_nKatherine’s Weight Loss Journey…

Katherine’s story is a bit different because I have known her throughout her struggles. She is not only an amazing person but one of my closest friends. Seeing her weight loss transformation is awesome, not just for the weight loss but for how she changed the direction her life was heading.

“I, like many women, have been “dieting” for years. My goal was always to drop major pounds fast. It was daunting but I always had the best of intentions. Being very overweight made me extremely self conscious. I was intimidated by the gym, but knew I had to move my body. One class with Rachel and I felt challenged but at ease with her warm & compassionate spirit. The bootcamps are fun, I probably laugh as much as I sweat! I’ve made incredible friendships who held me accountable & Rachel always pushed me farther than I could ever have imagined. She believed in my success before I did. I have nothing but love and gratitude for Inner Fit Studios. My body, mind and spirit thank you!

What Inner Fit Members are saying…

Superr Von: Great environment, everyone welcomes you, no pressure like big gyms where you may feel intimidated, everyone in class helps and motivate each other, and great instructors

Cheryl Anderson: Rachel pays attention to the fitness levels of everyone. In a
group setting, she takes the time with all levels of participants to make sure
that the workout is suited to each person and that each exercise is done properly for best results. Constant change and challenge keeps interest and attention. (Thank you Rachel).

Kate Montgomery: Endless smiles and laughter

Lynda Thompson: Great way to start with low impact fun classes. Exercise and have fun at the same time. Instructors are the best, help you any way they can and give you lots of encouragement. A place to look forward to coming.

Melissa Moldowan: Because its fun and it works!And you can tell Rachel to F off and she just laughs and keeps smiling. I think she secretly (or not so secretly likes it)

Justin Parmar: Rachel takes an approach like no other when it comes to fitness. She welcomes you with a smile and open arms, once you join innerfit your a part of the family. workouts are NEVER easy but they are very rewarding once you are finished. She is constantly kicking her own butt getting out to fitness seminars to learn the latest greatest workouts and incorperate them into bootcamps… if its your first time or millionth time working out, Rachel has the ability to see what your capable of and will provide you with varying levels of difficulty for each excersise. Everyone in class is very supportive, and always willing to help one another out!…the best part is all the competitions the workouts spark between people! Rachel Seay is a GREAT fitness instructor, and a great friend!

Tracey Kingston Overby: Inner Fit is a great place to get a good workout geared to your fitness levels but have fun at the same time! Never intimidating, you will ALWAYS have fun but you will sweat too!

Donna Morrison: If you are having trouble fitting exercise into your busy life,
Innerfit helps you make it a priority by providing you with a scheduled time that you can commit to – it is so much more than a gym membership. You see the same faces every class and become part of a family, all committed to getting healthy and in shape. The workouts are fun, challenging (to all levels) and Rachel is the best motivator. I am in the best shape of my life and it is a great feeling!! Love you Rachel!!

Tara Pipke: I recommend Innerfit to everyone!!! It only takes 2 hours per week.. Yep.. I said 2 hours and you will see results and feel great too. Rachel has a gift to push you in a way that works. She educates you on diet, journaling (being held accountable), figuring out “Your Why” and the importance of setting small goals to achieve your ultimate goal!  If you are new to fitness, ready for change, ready for results, join the Innerfit family!

Kim Chuck: I like the variety and coming to class not knowing what routine Rachel has in store. It’s fun and not intimidating!

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