Rachel Seay, Founder of Inner Fit Studios, BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader, Diploma in Exercise Science, K-Taping Pro Therapist

Hi there! I was told all good business owners have an “About Me” page so here goes nothing …

My name is Rachel Leigh Seay and I have been a fitness professional since 1999. I started teaching group fitness classes at the local community centers in Richmond and fell in love with teaching. I soon decided to pursue my career and kept an open mind to where it would take me.

In my time coaching, I have helped thousands of people lose weight and get fit, but more importantly, teaching has given me the ability to help people discover their confidence and self-worth and that has helped me grow as a person. Seeing my client’s smile is the greatest gift anyone can give me.

With that said, you won’t find this fitness chick tooting her horn claiming to be an “expert” or worse yet “influencer” because the world has enough of those so-called people. I am just a girl who loves making fitness fun by laughing with my members, I just happen to know a thing or two about the science of human motion.


Education is important to me and once I left University I soon discovered I was on my own to continue my education through workshops, conferences, and research. When I stay in the loop, so does my team and my members.

When I am coaching, I am watching my clients form, movement patterns, and enjoyment. It is a delicate balance to create programs that are not only fun; but safe, effective, and can be taught in levels. This is what you will get when you train at Inner Fit.

What do I Enjoy Most About Teaching …

I love watching the members sweat their butts off while I enjoy the show, or shall I say the blood, sweat, and tears (oh the tears and drama when I ask for 30 more seconds lol). The community brings out the humor during the workouts too so while we are getting an awesome workout in we are still enjoying it too.


You may notice I am not that “skinny” trainer with a perfect 6 pack, duck face, fake tan, and fake boobs all over Instagram. Why not you ask? Because who has that much time? Seriously sucking face with a chicken breast 6 meals a day while saying no to life because you have to train 4 hours a day bores meI know first hand what it takes to lose weight. I am on my own journey and have lost 90lbs myself. For me, fitness is about feeling good, create a strong and healthy body, and enjoying life, nothing more.

Who I am  …

I am real. I have struggled with weight all my life and I didn’t get the super awesome skinny genes on my dad’s side (my sister got those). I enjoy my Kale Salad and Smoothies as much as I enjoy my Bourbon. I have learned that weight does not define who you are and if someone is judging you, they are simply insecure with their own self – so maybe they just need a hug?

What makes me real is I know what it is like to be overweight and at my goal weight and to heal from some of life’s challenges. At my heaviest, I weighed 340+lbs. It was then that I left an emotionally unhealthy marriage and took control of my life and my health. During that time, I experienced the pain of having to ask for a seat belt extension on the airplane and avoiding pictures because I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror, let alone in a photo.

With that said weight has never stopped me from accomplishing my life dream of building a fitness studio I adore or being active and fit. I have completed enough marathons to say I have done it, I climb the Grouse Grind every Sunday during the season with a personal best of 47 minutes, and I have enough 10km t-shirts to quilt a dozen blankets. I was also never skinny when I accomplished those goals so remember to never judge a book by its cover.

I am strong and love to lift weights and could sit here and tell you about how I could bench press a small man with all that personal best crap but seriously – who cares.  All that matters is I will age in a strong and healthy way. My philosophy is exercise because it makes you feel good and eat well so you can have the energy to enjoy life.

If I am not teaching fitness or running my business, I am either out on my paddleboard, ripping it up on a quad, walking somewhere because I love the outdoors, snowshoeing, playing with my super adorable nieces and nephews, or enjoying time with friends and family

But in all seriousness, I am serving my life’s purpose right here at Inner Fit and that purpose is helping people discover what they are truly capable of with a little fitness in their life.

Nothing beats that moment when a member comes to me and says “Thank You for believing in me” or when I see that look on their face when they made it up the Grouse Grind kicking, swearing, and screaming at me (you know who you are). That is why I have a giant box of tissues in my office because I cry like a baby when I experience those moments.

So workout to enjoy life, laugh with friends, watch a chick flick, take a drive on a highway near the water, read a book, enjoy a Ted Talk, take a vacation with people who bring out the best in you because life is good (even though it throws you a sucky curveball from time to time) and find a community for fitness that you feel home in, whether it is Inner Fit or somewhere else.

With fitness and reaching goals, sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and give it a whirl, even if it scares you.

If you are reading this, chances are you want to learn about Inner Fit, so why not just call me and stop by? 604 276 1116 or email info @ and let’s get you to that moment that makes all the swearing at me worth it.

Certifications: BCRPA Group Fitness Leader, ACE Personal Trainer, ICC Certified Cycling Instructor, Keiser Cycling Certified, Reebok Certified, Power Pacing Certified, K-Taping Pro Therapist, Pre/Post Natal Certified, Weight Management Certified, Kettle Bell Instructor, DVRT Instructor, NSCA Associated Member, IDEA FIT Associated Member, Current First Aid and CPR Certified, 4 Years at UBC in the Exercise Science Program, Human Performance (Exercise Science) Diploma from Langara and 30,000+ hours of teaching experience, Fitness Presenter since 2004. Began teaching fitness in 1999.


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