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Inner Fit began with one fitness instructor’s vision to help people discover a surprising love for fitness. Rachel’s vision was to create a place to workout where people feel welcomed into the community and supported by one another. Too often exercising is viewed as a chore and Inner Fit is here to change that belief. We make fitness fun. We teach you the what, why, and how’s of fitness so you can just come in, get your sweat on, laugh, enjoy a little soreness and go on about your day feeling alive and awesome!

What is really cool about Inner Fit is the results people see. Members are losing a lot of weight and it is a common occurrence to see huge transformation at Inner Fit. Most members lost anywhere from 25 to 100 lbs. Currently one member reached a milestone 200 lbs loss. Member are also discovering things they can do that were once impossible such as the grouse grind or paddle boarding.

Inner Fit’s most successful program is the Weight Loss Boot Camp Program. We know it works because we see the results in our clients day in and day out and see the results on Dexa Scans to show that they are gaining lean muscle mass and burning fat.  Members are educated and given lifelong skills to help them continue their fitness pursuits.

What makes Inner Fit UNIQUE? The contagious laughter, friendships, smiles, and words of encouragement. Members see dramatic results because each person is progressed at their own level and supported along their journey by their new fitness friends. Men and Women love Inner Fit!

After 10 years, Inner Fit is continuing to grow with over 160 members registered in our programs each round. In 2014 we moved to a brand new location to accommodate our growth and invite you to begin your love for fitness.

Inner Fit is the perfect place to begin your weight loss journey or change up your fitness routine so it is something you look forward to each day.

Text or call 6043151656 email us at info @ innerfitstudios.com

Address: 3511 Viking Way, Unit 11, V6V 1W1, Richmond, BC, Canada.

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Looking forward to meeting you!

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