Inner Fit is not only a great place to choose to meet your fitness needs, but our pricing options allow everyone a chance to participate in a way that suits their needs.

Before you decide to join, check out our complimentary ONE WEEK TRIAL when you download the app. This will give you a good idea as to how many classes you would fit your schedule.

Included in all our pricing:

  • Community Adventures (only cost is the activity ie. rentals for equipment if needed)
  • Social Nights
  • Online Support Group
  • Access to Weight Watchers
  • Fitness, Nutrition & Learning Information Nights

We have 2 options…

Option 1: Unlimited Pass for the Fitness Enthusiasts

For our members who participate an average of 3-7 classes a week, the unlimited pass is the best options. If you attend 5 classes/week, your cost is only $6.00/class.

1 Month Unlimited classes for only $135/month with a 12 month term. The 12 month contract must be set up with a team member.

1 Month Unlimited classes for only $155/month with no contract (month to month basis). Can be purchased on our app.

1 Month Unlimited classes Paid in Full $1485 and includes 1 month free!

Option 2: 10 Pass for our Busy Members or Just Starting Out Members:

For our members with busy schedules or who are just starting out and average of 1-2 classes a week, our 10 pass is the best option for you. This will help you get your classes in each week, without worrying about an expiry date or signing up for a contract.

10 Pass is $135 for ten sessions and it does not expire and can be purchased on our app.

Teen Pricing

Inner Fit offers special pricing for teens between the ages of 12-18 years of age. The packages must be purchased on their own accounts. Parents must be present with the teens between 12-14.

Option 1: Unlimited Pass $89/Month (no contact)

Option 2: 10 Pass $119 for 10 classes