Our Story

Kindness. Community. Fun. Inclusivity. Body Confidence. These are the words we live by at Inner Fit Studios.

Inner Fit began with one woman’s mission to create a place where people walked into a fitness studio and felt welcomed.

Rachel, the creator of Inner Fit, believes in every ounce of her being that everyone has the right to benefit from fitness, regardless of body size, fitness level, or limitations.

Being a plus size fitness professional, educator and well known fitness presenter gives me a deep sense of empathy as a coach that few trainers can understand. I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body and be limited by body size but it has never stopped me from being fit or accomplishing anything in my life. Some people never have to worry about their weight and some of us will have it whispering to us each day. But it’s a gift. If I had never had to struggle with weight, I never would have been able to open Inner Fit and be surrounded by amazing people every day”

Rachel knows first hand that fitness can heal a broken heart, change a person’s life, and bring joy into someone’s day to day living.

Her 20 year career so far has shown her that fitness instills confidence and self worth and it’s needed now, more than ever...

“It’s amazing what fitness can do for the human body. I have seen transformations not only on the outside, but also from within. Healthy people walk prouder, create healthy boundaries for themselves, and can give more of themselves without losing their self worth in the process.”

Rachel values kindness, community, and fun and this is the values she brought to Inner Fit from its early beginning in 2007.

She is also incredibly honoured to have the team of incredible women who coach at Inner Fit Studios. “The coaching team genuinely care about the members, and the members genuinely care for each other. They are always reaching out and helping out outside of class time.”

Inner Fit is where it is today because of the kind hearted and loving people who are part of the community. They are the ones who help make the newbies feel welcomed right away!

We opened our doors in 2007 growing in size from a 750 square foot facility to our now 4000 square foot beautiful space located 2 minutes from Ikea Richmond with free parking and lots of space to enjoy working out in!

Our mission is to help people genuinely feel happiness from the inside out and inspire people to make fitness part of their life by encouraging them to step outside of comfort zones and discover what they really are capable of.

Our hope is to open a studio in every community across North America. We dream big because just like fitness, anything is possible when you are passionate and believe in your mission.

Come be part of our story as we grow and show the world that a fitness studio can be a friendly, fun, and welcoming place to be.

Start with our ten day trial and come meet your Inner Fit Family. They cannot wait to meet you!

“I wish I had started sooner!” Words we hear on a regular basis 🙂