90 Day Challenge

At Inner Fit, we believe every goal needs a timeline. Goals and timelines help us lose weight, stay focused, and get results. A lot has to be said for a supportive community and at Inner Fit you will get all that and more.

We run 3 challenges each year to help our members get the RESULTS they are aiming for with the support and education they need to be successful.

Accountability + Support = RESULTS

Accountability is the lifeline of any successful challenge and at Inner Fit we have a unique way of helping our members stay accountable through our mobile 90 day challenge app which is 90-day check-in tool towards your progress to keep you focused and accountable. This will keep our challengers engaged on a private platform and off of social media.

Support keeps you motivated over the 90 days. The community at Inner Fit has proven time and time again that sometimes simply calling on your fitness friends will help you get to your goals in a fun way which keeps the motivation high and allows you to work through the challenges without “falling off the wagon.”

= Results help you feel a sense of accomplishment and keep you in the game. When you start to see changes, you begin to feel your hard work paying off. Results are an everyday occurrence at Inner Fit Studios. We have seen weight losses as high as 210lbs and as small as 5lbs and everything in between, but the important thing to remember is – it’s not about how much you want to lose, it’s about how you feel in your body. 

The best part about the 90-day challenge starting in January is you can get ready for the summer and feel confident when the hot weather hits and the summer clothes come out. And we are willing to bet if you put the effort in, you will be on the search for a whole new summer wardrobe.

This is a member-only 90-day challenge. You will need to be a member of Inner Fit Studios to take part. The cost is only $99 and it comes with a travel journal, the online accountability platform (goose chase), a “how to burn fat” e-guidebook, and so much more!

If you want results, this is the challenge to take part in!

Next Challenge Begins in May 2020